AI-moderated user research

Get in-depth feedback from your customers via audio or video, across all your critical touch points, at the fraction of the cost of human-moderated user interviews.

The future of user research is here

We're on a mission to make user research more accessible.

As veteran product builders, we've seen how essential getting deep user feedback is to build great products. But doing user research effectively & at scale requires significant expertise, time and resources that simply isn't a viable option for many businesses. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, we believe that all businesses should be able to get to know their users up close—who they are, how they think, and discover the "why" behind their behaviors—helping them to build thriving products that users love.

Get the in-depth feedback you need, without the hassle


Go beyond surveys to get the insights that matter

Our AI interviewer is the ultimate active listener, that transcribes & digests everything users say in real-time, and is trained to ask strategic follow-up questions that help you understand the "why" behind your users' actions.


Incentivize participants with smart rewards that really work

No need to schedule interviews or follow up with compensation. Our platform enables participants to provide feedback at any time, and are paid on the spot based on the value & timeliness of their feedback.


Extract takeaways that matter most to your business

Our platform can synthesize hours of unstructured audio & video in seconds, capturing sentiment, themes, insights, and recommendations in a comprehensive report, saving your team weeks of tedious work.

Feedback has never been this easy

Create a user study in a few minutes and start getting results immediately.


State objective

State your learning objective in plain English. Decide which users to target and where to invite them within your apps & websites.


Choose format

Choose between audio & video, AI voices, privacy settings, and other options to ensure your interviews are on-target and on-brand.


Get insights in real-time

No need to spend weeks scheduling interviews; users will start providing feedback in their own time, so you can learn & adapt right away.

A single platform to collect, analyze, and organize user feedback

Let Voicepanel handle your end-to-end user feedback process out of the box, or pick and choose specific platform capabilities to enhance your existing research processes.


Use our study design helper to automatically suggest seed questions & prompts that will get participants to give quality feedback for any research objective.


Leverage one of our templates to invite your users to provide feedback via your website, app, email, or QR code, with industry-leading conversion rates.


Our AI interviewer is the ultimate active listener, that digests everything participants say and asks intelligent follow-up questions to uncover the best insights.


Get access to complete recordings & transcripts of all interviews, automatically annotated so you can easily browse or search for something specific.


Securely compensate your participants on the spot, with flat rates or our dynamic incentive system that rewards the most timely & valuable feedback.


Extract the key insights from hours of recorded sessions in just seconds, including things you didn't think to ask about, saving your team weeks of tedious work.


No need for a deck: see all the key insights in a dynamic report with insights, charts, highlight reels, and more, tailored to specific audiences on your team.


Organize all of your studies, recordings, and reports in one searchable place, shared with all the key stakeholders in your organization.

Let your customers speak for themselves

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