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Voice of your customers, delivered

Conduct hundreds of conversations at once using AI, getting deeper insights than surveys at a fraction of the cost of research interviews.

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We're reimagining customer feedback

At Voicepanel, we're rebuilding surveys from the ground up to help businesses get richer, more actionable feedback from their customers. We seek to empower anyone to ask questions about their customers—who they are, how they think, and discover the "why" behind their behaviors—helping them to build thriving products & services that people love.

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How does it work?

Voicepanel's AI recruits people to provide feedback, conducts interviews over voice or video, and synthesizes actionable insights instantly.

What respondents are saying

"Incredible. I like the feedback that I receive after each of my answers to the questions."

Anonymous respondent

"It's like you're actually talking to someone who cares about your feelings."

Anonymous respondent

"It gives me a chance to really explore and to explain some of my answers. I love it."

Anonymous respondent

"It makes me feel like my voice is being heard."

Anonymous respondent

"It works very effectively and I could tell that the prompts were based on my responses."

Anonymous respondent

"I like how seamless the process is, and it is very enjoyable as well."

Anonymous respondent

What's included

Voice interviews

Conduct in-depth interviews with your customers or target demographic, with deep probing.

Video interviews

Guide respondents through tasks and observe their behaviors & reactions as they do it.

Interactive surveys

Gather quick feedback from customers on your products & services, with light probing.


Interview respondents in 29 different languages; we'll translate them to your preferred language.


See themes & insights from hours of interviews, including things you didn't think to ask about.


Get interactive charts, highlights, recommendations to share with stakeholders on your team.

Hear what your customers really think

AI interviews

Go beyond basic surveys to uncover the "why"

Our AI research interviewer is the ultimate active listener, that digests everything respondents say in real-time, and probes deeper to uncover how respondents really think & feel.

AI recruiting

Recruit respondents on the spot with incentives that work

Our platform allows you to quickly recruit quality respondents without having to schedule interviews or manage incentives. We automatically monitor & screen out poor quality responses.

ai synthesis

Filter out the noise to get actionable insights

Our platform synthesizes hours of conversations into crisp insights, capturing sentiment, themes, and concrete recommendations in a comprehensive report.

Feedback has never been this easy


State objective

State your learning objective in plain English. Our platform instantly puts together a draft interview plan to get you the best quality results.


Choose format

Choose between voice & video formats, AI voices, and other options to ensure your respondent experience is on-target and on-brand.


Deploy instantly

No need to schedule interviews; respondents will start providing feedback in their own time so you can get insights right away.

One platform, many use cases

consumer insights

Talk to consumers at scale

Ask any question to your target demographic. Easily deploy with the panel of your choice, or leverage our proprietary panel with instant access to 3M respondents in 150 countries.

concept testing

Test concepts & prototypes

Gather rapid feedback on a new concept or prototype you've built from trusted testers, without any of the overhead of setting up user interviews.

customer feedback

Improve customer loyalty

Don't just track NPS & CSAT; understand what's needed to increase them. Let your customers drive the conversation so you can hear what matters most to them.

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