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Have 100s of conversations with your customers on any topic. Uncover the feedback you need to grow your business, fast.

The most trusted AI survey platform

"Voicepanel's ability to generate deep and novel insights at scale is transforming how we understand users, plan product features, and improve business performance. The research capabilities are both powerful and yet incredibly efficient; our first project was launched and provided actionable insights in literally just a few minutes."

Alex Justice
Senior Director & GM

"Voicepanel has been a game-changer for Daily Harvest. We used to spend weeks on a qualitative research project, and with Voicepanel, we're able to input our questions and get complete results within an hour."

Neeti Singhal
VP of Strategy & Insights

"Such an incredibly useful tool! Voicepanel is going to completely change how companies gather user feedback. We use it to get detailed feedback from our subscribers, many of whom are international and non-English speakers."

Grant Lee
Co-Founder & CEO

"Voicepanel completely transforms a survey experience into a low friction conversation. By taking reading and typing out of the equation, Voicepanel is making it incredibly easy and fast to collect rich data at scale that we couldn’t before."

David Yin
Founder & President

About us

At Voicepanel, we're reimagining surveys from the ground up to help businesses get more authentic & actionable feedback from their customers. Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in AI, we've taken best practices from qualitative research—including recruiting, screening, interviewing, incentives, synthesis, and reporting—and packaged into a simple platform that anyone can use.

We're a small team of veteran technologists and researchers, backed by Y Combinator and the founders of customer-centric companies including Dropbox, Instacart, Gusto, Airtable, Front, and Optimizely.

Backed by Y Combinator

How it works

Ask anything to your customers and get hundreds of in-depth responses in minutes.


State your questions

Use one of our templates or simply state what you're hoping to learn. Our platform will instantly draft an interview plan tailored to your business. Choose between voice, video and text formats and other options to ensure your survey is on-target and on-brand.


Share with your customers

Share a link with your existing customers or recruit respondents from your target market.  We provide instant access to 3M participants worldwide across over 150 countries, with fine-grained targeting for consumers & business professionals.


Get rich feedback instantly

No need to schedule interviews; your respondents provide feedback whenever they're ready. Sit back & relax while hundreds of conversations are conducted simultaneously, then leverage our one-click analysis to get complete annotated transcripts, summaries, and recommendations.

What respondents are saying

"Incredible. I like the feedback that I receive after each of my answers to the questions."

"It's like you're actually talking to someone who cares about your feelings."

"It gives me a chance to really explore and to explain some of my answers. I love it."

"It makes me feel like my voice is being heard."

"It works very effectively and I could tell that the prompts were based on my responses."

"I like how seamless the process is, and it is very enjoyable as well."

What's included

AI surveys

Gather in-depth feedback from your existing or target customers, choosing between interactive voice, video, or text formats.

Instant recruiting

Intercept your customers at key touch points, or instantly recruit from our international panel of over 3M consumers & professionals.

Language translation

Talk to your customers in 29 different languages; we'll translate their responses to your preferred language for analysis.

AI synthesis

See summaries & themes from hours of transcripts, uncovering new insights on areas you didn't even think to ask about.

Personalized reports

Easily generate executive summaries, highlight reels & visuals to share with different stakeholders on your team.

Enterprise security

Protect your customers' PII and keep all of your data secure. SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance pending.

Use cases

Customer experience

Give your customers an opportunity to share candid feedback at the perfect moment. Get a clear handle on what’s driving poor conversions, inactivity, or churn, so you can get your company metrics on track.

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Website & creative testing

Easily gather feedback on your web pages, apps, creatives, videos, prototypes, or any other asset. Hear from hundreds of your target buyers in minutes, without ever having to schedule an interview.

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Rapid market exploration

Instantly hear what your target market has to say on any topic of interest. Avoid overspending on expensive agency research projects by getting a quick read on the market up front.

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Let your customers speak for themselves

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